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The Collective

The Bintani Collective is a celebration of the collaborative spirit of Australian creators, working together making great beer and spirits in a thriving community orientated industry.

We Love The Beverage Industry

We love the beverage industry, its people and the passion that oozes off their faces as they’re working away to perfect their crafts. We also love the collaborative spirit that they engage in and the willingness they have to share and support each other.

We are all hear driven by passion for making something great, and together, we believe we can all continue to get better every day.

The Bintani collective is all about bringing the fermentation manipulators together to do what they do best: talk and learn over a few beverages. We range from the minute to the massive, and sharing our knowledge is a unidirectional benefit for the industry.

Check out some of the activities we are driving in the brewing industry, and if you think you have a great way to help the industry thrive, give us a yell and let???s have a beer and make it happen.

The Equipment Library

There is no end to the list of stainless that most of our customers have their eyes on purchasing, often to the neglect of some useful but rarely used tools. We have kicked off a collection of handy equipment that can assist you improve your processes or trouble shoot a pesky issue.

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The Bintani Beer Exchange

One of the hardest jobs in this industry is running ???quality control??? on your own beers. We think we should all really dig deep and help each other out, so we???ve set up a Facebook Market specifically for brewers to swap beer with each other in the spirit of widening their palate, enjoying new brews and getting some feedback from other like minded creators. Message us at Bintani Facebook page to get amongst it. https://www.facebook.com/Bintani-Australia-148250731939841/

The Great Bintani Hop Challenge

Do you know your hops?

Challenge the team at your brewery every Fortnight for 3 months to guess the hop. We will deliver a kit with 3 mystery hops for you to taste and smell. The brewery team that gets the most correct over the 3 months will take the trophy. Phil and Dale will represent Bintani. #neverstoplearning

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