At Bintani Australia, we are committed to developing sustainable business practices.

We aim to drive sustainability throughout our business whilst continuing to provide quality and timely products to all of our customers and encouraging responsible alcohol consumption.

To us at Bintani, the importance of sustainability and our objectives are described with respect to the following domains:

Enviornment: to deliver products to our customers with an awareness of the impacts of their production and transportation and a commitment to pursuing reduced waste and energy consumption
Community: to provide quality appreciative products that foster and encourage responsible alcohol consumption
Workplace: to promote communication and occupational health and safety policies in the workplace to foster a business enviornment that can be sustained for multiple generations
Economic: to thrive in a low carbon economy through ensuring that the benefits of reduced consumption are captured

Our Procedures

• Minimise waste by recycling cardboard and plastic packaging and other materials

• Reduce paper consumption by using electronic media in preference to print. When internal printing is carried out, it is done so by printing double-sided and on recycled paper in black and white wherever possible

• Reduce our energy consumption through energy efficient lighting and switching off electrical lighting, appliances and sockets where and when appropriate

• Engage with suppliers and contractors who share similar sustainability policies

• We have a strict non-GMO policy for all products that we supply

• Source and promote a product range that minimises its environmental impact of its production and distribution, including the continuation of supplying Australian products as a low food miles option

• Investigate programs to offset the impact of our carbon footprint through supporting accredited programs which reduce greenhouse gas emissions

• Provide regular training to staff to reduce errors, stock damage and delays to delivery in order to provide an efficient and cost effective service

The Journey Begins…
This is just the start of Bintani’s journey to a more sustainable future. It is an evolving effort which will be frequently reviewed, developed and improved to meet and/or exceed our goals and objectives.