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Signature Malt is a no-compromise malt designed from start to finish specifically for Australian craft breweries. It starts by selecting the best barley in the country from the best performing region.

In this inaugural year we have selected LaTrobe barley from a single farm in NSW. Working to a redesigned specification, this parcel of barley will be malted in one plant by a dedicated team of maltsters.

By eliminating or controlling as many variables as possible, we ensure that Signature Malt delivers an extra level of performance and reliability.

Benefits to Brewers

  • TRACEABILITY Sourcing from one site gives brewers perfect clarity on precisely where Signature malt began its journey.
  • CONSISTENCY One source, one malthouse, one team. Familiarity breeds...in this case, consistency.
  • PERFORMANCE Rigorous selection criteria aimed squarely at performance in your brewhouse. This is not a nostalgic trip down memory-lane. This is malt for brewers today.
  • WHERE YOU NEED IT Leveraging the unparalleled sales and distribution infrastructure of Bintani Australia, Signature Malt is available now.

Now available across Australia via Bintani Warehouses.
Please contact your Bintani representative for more details.

With 160 years of experience and malthouses in five states, Joe White is perfectly placed to bring the Signature Malt concept to life. They have the right facilities and personnel in position to turn Australia’s best barley into Australia’s best malt.

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