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June Barley Crop Report

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Australia: Last year was an enormous year with 14 million tonnes of barley. This season has started well with the crop planted. Based on the area planted, there is the anticipation of a 10 million tonne crop, though there a number of months to go.

China has a huge demand for Australian barley with them alone taking 5 million tonnes to the end of April. This will mean there will not be a large carry over into the next crop year.

Europe: It looks as though the European crop will be the smallest since 2012. Heat and drought in Spain and dry conditions in north eastern France are the main area affected. Regions where Bintani sources its malt have not been affected, though the price may be?

North America: US maltsters have contracted lower barley volumes so less barley has been planted. Again, we a couple of months away from harvest for quality results.

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