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Taking the Wait-A-While out of WA

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Living in the most isolated capital city in the world comes with its challenges. I mean, as sure as the sun will be shining at the WACA test match in November you can bet that at least once during the summer there will be delays getting stock into the state via rail.

Bintani established the Perth branch in 2012, as we wanted to bridge the gap to ensure the talented Brewers of the west will be able to consistently make great beer with:

  • a local expert team, Fabian and Julien, backed up by our nationwide network and Melbourne Head Office
  • the freshest possible ingredients ready to go
  • cost effective and timely delivery options
  • all supported by our Melbourne Warehouse for stock availability and management and technical advice.

These days almost all of our stock arrives via the Fremantle port weeks in advance so that our brewery partners, the great brewers of the West, can rest easy knowing that precious malt and hops will not be stranded on the Nullarbor.

We love the community feeling that comes from being here in WA and that brewers treat us like their local corner store. We love being here for the local guys to just pop in to say hi, look for inspiration or get technical info and grab what they need on the way to work.

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