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New from joe white maltings and Bintani Australia

At Brewcon in Sydney last week we were very proud to announce the launch of Joe White Signature Malt. This product is the result of years of planning from Joe White and Bintani Australia to identify, isolate and malt the country’s best barley specifically for craft brewers.

This year Signature Malt was produced from NSW grown barley malted in the Minto (Sydney) malthouse. For anyone lucky enough to have toured that facility, you know it is one of the best in the world and the site is also home to the largest malt laboratory in the Southern Hemisphere. The end result of all this is a superior malt that is going to deliver the level of consistency demanded by Australia’s craft brewers.

Click here to find out about SIGNATURE MALT and watch the great video produced by The Post Project as part of the launch

Signature Malt is proudly produced
by Joe White Maltings in collaboration
with Bintani Australia

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