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best roasted malt just got better

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Our friends at BEST MALZ have transformed the way they roast their malt to produce dark, rich colour without the commonly associated bitterness and astringency, more black roast, less burnt toast.

Dedication to continuous improvement in malt quality and character has led to BEST MALZ moving to a new way of roasting.


Traditionally, barley malt and other grains, have been roasted in adapted coffee roasters. This classic process produced roast malts by contact with a hot metal drum for 2- 3 hours. The amount of contact with the drum determined the colour of the individual grains, and to produce large volumes, batches of varying colour were sometimes blended, causing potential variation.



Bestmalz are using a new modern roasting method where malt is roasted using hot air, via a fluidized bed. This method allows for more even roasting of the grain, with shorter processing times of 5 – 10 minutes, ensuring exact roasting to the end colour, using inline measurements.

The fluidized bed eliminates grains burning on a hot metal surface, reducing pyrazines levels, the compound responsible for astringent and bitter flavours in beer.

If you are looking for the dark rich colour of roast malts without the bitter flavours, give Best Black and Black Extra a try.

Best Black Malt EBC 1100 – 1200

Best Black Extra Malt EBC 1300 – 1500

Check it out here.

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