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A new star in the International Spirits market

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A new star in the International Spirits Market

The Australian Distilling Industry is diversifying and growing faster than any other in the world.

Bintani has been privileged to support an industry of talented artisans who are now attracting attention and much deserved recognition from all over the world.

A couple of major trophy wins in world spirits competitions has seen Australian distillers gaining considerable attention for unique and quintessentially Australian spirit making. It’s this kind of flare that proves that we really have what it takes to become a world renowned distilling industry with enormous export, tourism and employment potential. That’s exciting.

The rise of the “craft generation” has seen consumers seeking new horizons in flavour and character. For the producer, staying creative whilst maintaining reliability and quality is paramount in the Australian consumer market, and what is needed to keep the world interested too.

Bintani’s has been supplying ingredients to the distilling and brewing industries for over 23 years, and we attribute our success and longevity in the market to maintenance of quality and reliability. And this is what drives decisions around our product offerings. We carefully research and assess our suppliers’ products and make sure they suit the unique needs of our customers. Our mission is to ensure that our range is trustworthy and reliable so that Australia’s great artisans can continue to wow the world with their creative talent.

The Australia Pacific Whisky and Sprits Conference will be held for the second time in Adelaide next week. With their link to the World Whisky awards in London and many international distributors, this group are dedicated to support Australian distillers to become a major player.

The conference will cover valuable topics around safety, testing, marketing and the world market, and it will provide every delegate with the opportunity to test their product in an overseas market.

It will be held at Adelaide Oval on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th August. For more information check out their site: http://www.apwsc.com.

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