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2017 will see the second year of the Brewers Feast, an emerging festival offering brand new beer and food experiences in the tranquil grounds of the iconic Abbotsford Convent. The Brewers Feast offers Melbournians the chance to welcome summer in the most appropriate way possible by getting outside to enjoy great beer, food and music with family and friends.


Among the highlights from last years festival was the excitement generated by the Watts River Brett Beer which was created especially for the 2016 festival. This idea has been extended for 2017 with the organisers, in partnership with Bintani, offering attending brewers the opportunity to brew a unique festival beer that will debut at the event. So festival goers will get a range of innovative new beers alongside existing favourites.

In a recent chat we asked Tyson McGeoch, festival co-organiser and co-founder about how it all began.

(It was) Because of beer, seems an obvious answer but like all good stories it started with beer. I was introduced to craft beer via GABS which really is going into the deep end! It was fantastic exploring the weird and whacky beers, so the following year I had to twist Travis’s arm to come along (he didn’t need much convincing), since then we’ve been advocates and lovers of craft beer. The idea for the festival came about early 2015 when Travis and I were enjoying a few craft beers in the backyard.

Travis knows events back to front so creating a beer festival we would want to attend seemed the logical part of the decision. We worked out we would want at a festival, great beer (of course), fantastic food, live music and an amazing venue which ended up being the Abbotsford Convent.

All 18 stallholders will be given an opportunity to create a dedicated festival beer with a Bintani Brew Voucher, as reported by Beer and Brewer last month. Tyson told us, We want brewers to be creative in exploring their brewing personalities and styles, while for patrons it will be an experience to explore new tastes and styles. They see it as an important point of difference for the Festival.
A focus on helping grow the industry, is important to the guys, taking on the responsibility to showcase the craft beer scene and get more people drinking great beer!
We went about creating a festival by beer and food lovers, for beer and food lovers, that in year one had a fantastic reception and great feedback. The only thing we didn’t nail was the lack of Mac N’ Cheese but we’ve got that sorted for 2017!

Tyson adds, we are here to create a more intimate experience to explore beer and food the master classes will feature cheese, candy and spirit sessions.
At the end of the day Brewers Feast is about great beer with great friends. The Festival will be held December 1 -3, 2017.

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