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Australian Barley Harvest Update

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harvest in full swing


Well the Ashes have started and hopefully Australia can pull off a series win against the English. This will mean farmers and header drivers will be listening to the cricket as the nation’s paddocks are stripped of their grain.

As at the end of November, the national harvest is 35% complete with the expectation of 8 million tonnes of barley, with approx. 25% of the crop meeting malting grade.

Of what has been harvested, it is generally low protein. The view is growers were more constrained in fertilizer application due to the winter crop conditions and prospects.

Harvest in the Mallee, Victoria. Image thanks to H. Fawcett, Wycheproof.


Around the country:

NSW – northern NSW has provided very limited malt. Irrigated areas look good and southern NSW harvest has only just begun harvesting. The majority of malt will come from the central and southern regions of the state

Vic – It has been optimal growing conditions with good spring rains. Harvest is still just starting and the current rains is slowing down progress. Expecting good malt barley

SA – Estimated to be 35% complete with about 22% malt grade. Like Victoria, current rain is causing issues with harvesting and may impact quality.

WA – farmers have prioritized barley and canola over wheat this year. Southern areas have improved quality and yield. The barley quality is an improvement over last season.


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