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Equipment Library

There is no end to the list of stainless that most of our customers have their eyes on purchasing, often to the neglect of some useful but rarely used tools. We have kicked off a collection of handy equipment that can assist brewers in commissioning, testing and process improvement within short time frames. If you would like to hire or borrow, give us a yell at Sales@bintani.com.au and we will try to make it happen.





Testing Keg

Great for commissioning keg washers and fillers, this keg has 4 glass windows, temperature & pressure gauges and looks rad! It is currently moving around the West coast so sandgropers best get in touch with Fabian quickly if you’d like to use it for a day.

Inspection Camera

Got a blockage in a pipe or want to see what the inside of those pesky hatchless fermenters look like. We have a couple of inspection cameras that can be used to look into the dark and tiny corners of your brewery. Email your local area contact or the team at Sales@bintani.com.au if you’d like to borrow.

Mill Gap Measure

Does your mill run right in the sweet spot at ?? of a turn from when it???s pointing due North at dusk? We can measure it up for you when we drop past for a chat so you know the exact gap so you can dial it back in without fuss next time you clean / change etc. [Coming Soon]

Finings Trial Kit

Looking to do a fining trial for Fermenter or Kettle finings to ensure you are dosing optimally? Speak to your Bintani regional sales representative for information on the best method, and availability of our equipment.



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