We now carry the followings malts – have a try and see what they can do for your brew…

Best Malz

Red X: Red X’s full-bodied flavor and attractive, unique color coupled with easy handling in the brewery, make it the best choice for creating a broad range of new beers, such as red-tinted wheat beers.

Special X: Special X malt imparts to beer an intense malty-sweet flavor reminiscent of raisins or dried fruit. The beer possesses an amber-color to dark hue and an aromatic and harmonious full-bodied character.


Mesquite Smoked Malt: This malt is completely unique to Briess and is produced using mesquite wood. Use in a variety of beer styles to develop complexity or rich, robust smoky flavor.

Simpsons Malt

Premium English Caramalt: This malt is renowned for imparting an almost candy-like sweetness. This very unique crystal malt is perfect for imparting color and sweetness to a multitude of beer styles.

Heritage Crystal: It’s back! This well loved crystal malt produced from the beautiful Maris Otter barley is medium in colour and packed with an unmatched depth of flavour.

DRC: Coming soon, this brand new malt from Simpsons imparts raisin like flavours to beer and is a great substitute for darker roasted malts where astringent bitterness is to be avoided.