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About Bintani

The story so far

In 1995 our warehouse was a backyard shed in the southern suburbs of Melbourne, and we sold yeast to a few Australian Brewers.
Team lunches at that backyard table were flowing with food, beers and ideas. We challenged each other, we solved problems and had energetic discussions about the how, what, where and why of our company. Little did we know that, as we ate, drank and talked the reason for our existence was right in front of us: the love of the epicurean creations we were enjoying at the table.
It drove our quest to supply the world’s best ingredients for our customers.

A lot has happened since then.

  • In 1999 we were trading out of a new warehouse near home.
  • In 2002 we received our first delivery of hops.
  • In 2005, we then we received our first delivery of malt.
  • In 2010 we proudly opened our warehouse in Perth and both Melbourne and Perth had Bintani warehouses stocking a great selection of malt, hops and yeast.
  • And in 2017 we are close to opening a new warehouse in the East Coast.

As Bintani has grown and developed, we still have energetic discussions and challenge ourselves and each other with ideas. That is how we innovate and improve our service and offering. And it has become what drives us as a company. We still get really inspired by our customers’ new creations and the pursuit of their passion and consequently our quest for the world’s best ingredients is just as impassioned.
The table is longer now and lunches more intermittent but it is still what makes us Bintani.


Connecting you to the World’s best ingredients

For us, it’s about great quality Australian epicurean creations and helping you make them. There are a lot of great ingredients producers in the world and we are proud to partner with companies who prove to share our values of exceptional quality, service, reliability and great beer.

Through our fair share of quality control and working closely with these great producers we have procured the best ingredients for Australian brewers, distillers and chefs.

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